Strategic Leadership Programme


A large part of the success or failure in businesses is decided by strategy, the ability to implement it and leadership qualities and style. Strategic decisions always aim to secure the longer-term, future viability of a company or the company’s niche. Leadership styles also differ from person to person and requires a high level of commitment and work involvement. A strategic leader excels in decision making. The ability to see the intricacies of a situation and find the best possible solution is an important skill for any leader.

In addition, this type of leader also knows when to take calculated risks that will further the goals of the company. Being able to adapt to marketplace changes and take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves is an earmark of being a strategic leader. 


Below were some of the course outlines discussed during the programme:

  • The Processes in Strategic Thinking
  • Customer Segmentation, Trends and Targeting
  • Overview of the Nigerian FMCG Sector
  • Corporate Governance Essentials
Key Learning Objectives

In view of these, the key learning objectives are as follows:

  • How to involve team members in executing strategic plans and creating Strategic Measures of Effectiveness. Connecting the elements of strategic leadership: vision, strategy, culture, leadership 
  • Creating an action plan to effectively execute strategic initiatives 
  • How to identify and harness individual strengths to enhance leadership and teams

The quality of facilitators that took various sessions are commendable and of high caliber, of course the quality of content and how discussions were held are great. I will recommend the programme for senior executives who want to create change in their organisation.

Tayo Ilori

The learning experience though virtual, was well packaged and delivery by the faculty was exceptional. I commend the entire team for making it an enriching and highly successful learning opportunity.

Tunde Adebayo

The depth of knowledge and experience of the faculty as well as the professionalism of delivery are indeed vintage LBS; highly commendable. The Finance and People management modules are highly relevant and recommended solutions to the existential challenges which Nigerian businesses are faced with today.

Adedayo Adeniyi
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