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By giving to LBS, you do not only foster a sense of ownership in the institution you cherish, but also leave an indelible footprint that shows you were once here.
Why Give 
to LBS

Making a difference does not necessarily require extraordinary effort. Sometimes all it takes is touching as many lives as possible by donating to worthy causes. Giving to LBS is one way you can achieve that. Our cause is to impact the practice of management on the continent through the quality of business knowledge we impart to participants in our programmes. As such, we produce a crop of leaders who will drive capacity development across sectors, helping Africa reach its desired potential in record time.

We are proud to say that the generosity of previous donors has made it possible for more
participants to benefit from the qualitative executive education we offer at LBS.

Our programmes cut across a wide range of industry sectors, giving participants a commensurate range to choose from. Delivered in purpose-built modern learning facilities,
LBS programmes attract over 3,000 participants from multinational and indigenous companies yearly, who attest to our expertise and the huge benefits they derive from participation.
The good news is, you do not have to be on the LBS faculty to be part of the team.


At the Lagos Business School Advancement Department, volunteers are a valuable resource for our clients and staff. Through volunteer activities, our workplace is strengthened and community involvement is promoted.

Why Volunteer

  • By volunteering, you are directly helping people to get management/executive education as proceeds go to LBSEF and are used to subsidize fees in LBS.
  • By volunteering, you are helping to transform the practice of management in Africa so as to
    produce a crop of leaders who will drive capacity development across sectors and thereby build a society with well informed citizens that would contribute greatly to economic development
  • Volunteering offers you the opportunity to socialize and network with people from various
  • Volunteering is a legitimate way in which you can participate in the activities of the LBS
  • Volunteering is a medium to meet with individuals or groups to address their needs

Donor Recognition

Major Giving Levels
  • Grand Circle: N25,000,000 to N100,000,000
  • Level 1 Society: N10,000,000 to N24,999,999
  • Level 2 Society: N1,000,000 to N9,999,999
  • Level 3 Society: N500,000 to N999,999
LAF Giving Levels
  • Investor: N250,000 to N499,000
  • Sponsor: N100,000 to N249,999
  • Dean’s circle: N500 to N99,999
Unique Donor ID

Available to all donors (donor history)

Ways to give

​ International Management Research Center

Your donation to Lagos Business School’s International Management Research Center building project, will strengthen our efforts at developing leaders to pilot the transformation of emerging economies.



The building will house our School’s existing research centers, named below, as well as future research centers:

  • The Centre for Infrastructure, Policy, Regulation and Advancement (CIPRA)

    This centre is devoted to research, training and advocacy in infrastructure development. Its aim is to advance the state of infrastructure in Africa through knowledge generation, capacity building and stakeholder engagement.

  • LBS Sustainability Centre

    The centre aims to promote a better understanding of the corporate sustainability concept in Nigeria and across the globe. The centre helps companies develop sustainability frameworks, participate in stakeholder engagement initiatives, report and communicate sustainability policies, and assess the organisational activities and performance against international guidelines

  • The Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics (CRLE)​

    The CRLE provides knowledge and information, geared towards positively influencing the teaching and practice of leadership, people management and ethics in Nigeria and Africa. It is an avenue for African scholars to build networks that will transform society through research and the dissemination of research results.

  • Centre for Competitiveness and Strategy (CCS)

    The Centre for Competitiveness and Strategy (CCS) studies the economic competitiveness of African states and cities, as well as the strategies of firms operating within the region. With particular focus on Nigeria, the Centre builds scientific knowledge and equally conceptualises practicable ideas on Africa’s competitiveness.

The building you will be sponsoring is strategically positioned between our School’s library and the Entrepreneurial Development Center building. This location provides full visibility for your brand in support of human capacity development, to our clients from all over the globe because LBS attracts participants from Nigeria and beyond.​

​ Endowment Fund

An investment fund donated to Lagos Business School to provide a steady source of income to help in the day to day running of the School.


Some of the uses of the LBSEF include but are not limited to:​

  • Scholarships to MBAs
  • Improvement and maintenance of existing structures and facilities
  • Better technology for the improvement of the learning process
  • Foster critical research projects and local case writing
  • Increased and improved library services
  • Upgrade faculty and attract faculty of international standard

​Endowed Chairs and Professorships

An endowed professorship (or endowed chair) is a position permanently paid for with the revenue from an endowment fund specifically set up for that purpose. Typically, the position is designated to be in a certain department. The donor might be allowed to name the position.


Scholarships are an opportunity to improve the quality of world’s leaders and the power of their network. Outstanding students from diverse backgrounds are ready to be developed as leaders but the type of leader they become depends on their education and experience.

How to give
Online payment

LBS encourages donors to contribute online, using Lagos Business School’s Online Payment site.


Please make cheques payable to: Lagos Business School

Direct Debit Standing Order

Please contact the Advancement Office if you would like to make a wire transfer: email:

Call Centre Phone Numbers: 09060003981, 09060003982


LBS allows for regular payments from donors