Careers at LBS

We are always interested in hearing from people keen on joining us as faculty or professional staff.

When you join LBS, you become part of a community with a strong identity. We believe in maintaining high professional standards in the services rendered to participants in our programmes and the Nigerian society, and we also believe in mutual commitment. People who fit in well with the LBS culture tend to have long careers with the School, and we continually look for people who are interested in having a lasting association with us.

LBS offers

LBS offers a rewarding, stimulating and creative work environment. It has a strong culture of respect for all staff, provides them rich training opportunities and is mindful of their commitments and responsibilities outside the School.

We recruit top-quality staff and do our best to remunerate them accordingly. We also provide life cover, and generous pension and gratuity schemes.

For regular faculty positions we require that applicants have: a relevant PhD; a record of scholarly and/or professional publications; and either strong familiarity with the world of management practice or at least a strong commitment to acquire it.

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The LBS Culture

LBS has a unique culture that blossoms from its set of values: Community, Integrity, Professionalism, Mutual Respect, and Spirit of Service. You will belong to ‘Our Community’ with a common goal. Birthdays and other achievements are celebrated together. We run an open-door policy to foster credibility, collaboration and unity among employees. We reward employees who embody the spirit of service in their work and especially when dealing with internal and/or external customers.

Work at LBS
  • Work-life Balance

    As an institution founded on Christian principles, we acknowledge and respect the other facets of our employees’ lives and have, therefore, created policies and structures that will enhance their ability to juggle the pressures of life.

    • We strictly adhere to our resumption and closing hours – 8.30a.m and 5.00p.m respectively for full-time staff and encourage staff to work efficiently within the specified work times.
    • We have an on-site childcare with a well-equipped crèche and a professional nanny to take care of our employees’ babies while they are at work.
    • We also respect the spiritual lives of our employees and have, therefore, provided an in-house praying ground for our Muslim folks, as well as a chapel for the Christians. For the Catholics, mass is held twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7.45a.m before work resumes.
    • While the nursing mothers are entitled to 14 weeks’ maternity leave, ‘nursing’ fathers are entitled to a paternity leave of five working days. On resumption from maternity leave, the nursing mothers are allowed to resume an hour later and close early for three months.
    • The School shuts down mid-December every year so staff can spend the Yuletide with family and friends, except for essential services staff. This is in addition to paid leave time off during the year.


  • Development Opportunities

    We believe the altitude that LBS will achieve will be determined by its people, which is why we do not hesitate to invest in and support the professional development of our people. By the nature of our business, we are a knowledge generation and executive education institution, which makes it very easy to groom our talents from within.

    • We enrol employees in our in-house seminars, management programmes, as well as academic programmes, depending on the competencies required for their job.
    • We also encourage attendance at conferences outside the School and Nigeria to give them international exposure to best practices as it relates to their roles.
    • We support the career plans of our employees by partly sponsoring their educational programmes in recognised Nigerian universities through our Staff Education Support programme.
    • We run a mentoring programme which provides employees the support and counselling required to build their careers both within and after leaving the School.
    • Employees are given objective assessment during appraisals which are meant to be developmental rather than punitive. As much as possible, we try to drive an objective appraisal system to ensure a balance in staff assessment. One of these is the Appraisal Review Committee and bottom –top assessment where applicable.
    • We groom future leaders of the School by engaging them in career development opportunities such as project committees, job rotation and job enlargement programmes.
    • We have a world-class library which our employees can use for their personal development.
  • Employee Welfare

    To meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, and hence, ensure we become a world-class institution as stated in our mission, we pay adequate attention to the welfare of our people, as this will determine the quality of service they render to clients.

    • Employees are given remuneration packages competitive within the industry in which we operate.
    • Discounts on academic and executive programmes are extended to spouses and children of employees;
    • We have the PAU Cooperative Multipurpose Society which is open to all staff of the university community. The Cooperative is managed by members of staff and is aimed at promoting and exploring ways to ensure the general economic interest of its members.
    • LBS offers complete medical coverage to its employees and their families through its registered Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs).
    • To further cater to the health of her employees, LBS sets aside a whole day annually for its Health & Wellness Programme, organised to promote its employees’ wellbeing.
    • The School has a sick bay with a certified nurse to provide first-aid treatment to ailing employees.
    • We have a standard Cafeteria where a variety of meals are served at a subsidised rate. In addition to this, we have a gazebo where staff socialise and celebrate milestones.
    • We empathise with and provide financial/moral support to our employees during periods of grief; while we rejoice with staff who get married, expand their families or attain recognisable heights.
    • Employees are entitled to different kinds of loans to subsidise their financial needs when necessary. These loans are at very reasonable interest rates and repayable over a period.
    • LBS provides gratuity benefits for staff who have spent over five years in the School. This is in addition to the statutory Pension Fund subscribed to.
    • Employees who have spent ten years and above are celebrated in the School during the Long Service Awards. Employees who disengage from the School after five years and above are equally appreciated with some token on their exit.
  • Equal Employment Opportunities

    LBS is strongly committed to diversity within its community, especially as it supports our achieving our vision, mission and goals. That is why we offer equal employment opportunities to all employees regardless of their gender, religion, tribe, race, nationality and status. Everyone is entitled to the same career opportunities; the only determinant is performance.

  • Work Environment

    Our focus is on creating a positive work environment that attracts highly talented individuals. LBS has a serene, aesthetic and secure environment to enable employees put in their best at work. We pride ourselves on the provision and maintenance of a world-class work environment that promotes innovation and creativity. The LBS environment is eco-friendly.

    We value our relationships with employees, community partners and alumni, and look forward to working with you.