LBS Library

The LBS Library supports research work, learning and teaching at the Lagos Business School by acquiring, organising, preserving and providing access to, and delivery of information.
The library is designed to provide ongoing support and services to the user community in their teaching and learning processes.

The Library Signpost is divided in to four parts which are: research resources, services, technology assistance, and general information. The main parts are highlighted with blue in order to distinguish each section from the other.

Quarterly Library Newsletter

The Library publishes a quarterly Newsletter called the LBS Library Quarterly Newsletter (LQNL). The publication is a veritable tool of communication and information to the teeming library users of trending in the Library. It features such topics as the library policies (amendments, new or expunged policies); new technologies in the library, strategic intents or pursuits of the library and tid-bits considered relevant by the Library management for the consumption of its users. It is published yearly every April, August & December.


Application for Associate Membership

If you wish to become an associate member of the Library, you should first complete an application form. You can request a form from the Library by post, in person from either the reception desk in the LBS or from the circulation desk in the PAU, or simply click here. Membership must be renewed annually.

  • How to apply


    • Return the completed application form and payment to Associate Membership Service, LBS’ Pan-Atlantic University, Library, Km 22, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah. P.O.Box 63788 VI.
    • Apply in person at either The LBS Library or the SMC Library – you must bring current photographic ID and proof of address (up to 6 months old) if applying in person.
  • Personal Associate Membership


    • New PAU Graduates N15,000   (reduced rate applies for 6 months from date of PAU graduation)
    • PAU Graduates          N16,800
    • Other                            N54,000
    • All prices include VAT
  • Professional Associate Membership


    • Full rate    N150,000
    • Charities   N25,000