Research Resources

These are the resources that enhance teaching, learning and research activities, which will in-turn, assist users to meet their educational and information needs at LBS


The library uses Koha-integrated software to manage its routines, including cataloging and circulation.  The Koha OPAC enables library users to access physical resources and provide links to electronic resources.

The database enables library users to select, reserve, and retrieve items by email on OPAC. Moreso, users make a recommendation for resource acquisition. Click on this link to go to the Online Catalogue




The library houses the following applications

Library Application                   Emerald Publications

Research Monitor                     Ebsco Host

Business Day                              Jstor

IMF eLIBRARY                          Oxford Business Group

Institutional Repository

  • Institutional Repository

    LBS Institutional Repository collects, registers, organizes, maintains, preserves and provides free online access to the academic, scientific and cultural production of the Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University. It aims at increasing the School’s visibility through the sharing of its institutional production and integration in national and international network information systems, using interoperability techniques and following international standards.

    The Repository includes digital copies of articles, papers in proceedings, whole books, book chapters, theses, dissertations, technical reports, datasets, case studies, institutional documents, etc.

  • Institutional Repository Policy

    Submission Policy

    Items should be submitted to the LBS Library or via the e-mail: The Library team vets the items to validate if it meets the open access policy. Materials are accepted in all formats: word, power point, pdf etc. If LBS Library receives proof of copyright violation, the materials will be removed instantly. The material submitted is expected to be processed and uploaded at least two weeks from the day of submission.

  • Data Policy


    1. The materials on the LBS Library repository will be accessed free of charge.
    2. Copies of full items can be made, reproduced, displayed and given to the third parties in any format for strictly personal, research or study, educational.
    3. Full Materials must not be sold commercially in any format or medium without formal permission of the copyright holders.
    4. If the deposited content is unpublished, the Library recommends using a Creative Common license, either CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. For data we recommend a Creative Common Zero license.


  • Withdrawal

    All deposits are considered permanent. Contents may be removed in case it violates the deposition agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who May use the Library?

    The library’s services are restricted to its bona fide user community comprising faculty, students, the LBS/PAU’s staff, paid up alumni members and Library Associate members.

  • Are external patrons allowed to use the library?

    Yes. Graduate students of other universities may use the library on the recommendation of their universities’ Librarian/HOD.

  • Who qualifies to be an Associate member of the Library?

    There are two categories of membership: Personal Associate for members using the library for educational purposes and Professional Associate for members using the library in connection with their profession or business. Professional associate cards can be used by any employee of the member organisation.

    People who are not participants or alumnus of the University may apply for Associate Membership. Membership entitles one to use both the LBS Library on the Ajah campus and the SMC Library on the VI campus. Associate Membership is open to the following groups and individuals. Please note that most Associate Members are required to pay an initial N2, 500 administrative charges for a membership card, in addition to any fees payable. Membership is renewable annually.

    • If you are a qualified teacher working in the Lekki Axis and the surrounding area, or a member of the administrative staff of the local education authorities of those areas, or an Inspector of Schools based in those areas, then you are entitled to Associate Membership. You may use the Library for both reference purposes and borrowing.
    • If you are employed by a tertiary institution which has Corporate Membership of the Library, you are entitled to free individual Associate Membership for both reference and borrowing purposes.
    • If you are a graduate of the Pan-Atlantic University of SMC/EDC, you are entitled to free Associate Membership for reference purposes only. If you want to borrow from the Library, an annual fee of N15, 000 is payable.

    Other individuals who can demonstrate a clear need to use specific resources not readily available elsewhere may apply to the Librarian for Associate Membership. This is free for reference purposes.

  • How do I become an Associate member of the Library?

    If you wish to become an associate member of the library, simply click here

  • What are the library's hours?

    The library opens from 8.30am – 5pm, Mondays to Fridays. It does not open on public holidays.

  • Can I use my phone in the library?

    Calls are not allowed to be made or received in the library. Mobile phones must either be switched off or left on ‘silent alert mode’ while in the library.

    You need to exit the library to make or receive calls so as not to disrupt the noiseless atmosphere of the library.

  • Can I eat while in the library?

    No. Smoking, eating or drinking (of any liquid other than water) are not allowed in the library. Sweets may however, be taken with the rappers properly disposed off in the waste bins positioned strategically within the library.

  • How do I borrow/renew a resource?

    Click here to go to ‘WEBLIS’ to search the Library catalogue and reserve the resources you want to borrow

    Generally, books can be borrowed for one to three months with an option of renewal, provided no other patron have requested for the borrowed item(s).

    Please note that borrowing and renewing by proxy is not allowed.

    Patrons are required to present their school identity card to borrow from the library.

  • How long can I keep a borrowed journal as a bona fide patron?

    Library users are eligible to borrow journals only for a loan period of 24 hours.

    Weekend loans (5.00 p.m. on Fridays to 8.30 a. m. on Mondays) are available for desiring patrons.

  • Is there any consequence for returning any borrowed book late?

    Any overdue book attracts a fine of N50.00 per day, counting from the due date (Saturday, Sundays and public holidays inclusive) till the day it is returned.

    Any defaulter, who fails to pay his fine within one week of its issuance date, may be suspended from further borrowing from the library.

  • What is the penalty for losing or damaging a library book?

    Anyone who loses or damages library book(s) will be surcharged twice the going cost of the book(s) in question as at the time of such surcharge.

    Note that the library will not accept a replacement of the lost or damaged book with a similar copy/title from the patron. In the case where same patron loses or damages any library material subsequently, he/she will be disallowed from borrowing any more books.

  • Can I duplicate in the library?

    Printing and photocopying services are available in the library. The computers are however, not connected to a printer, therefore, you would need a USB device to transport your documents/files for printing.

    •  Only library materials may be printed or photocopied in the library.
    • Printing costs N20.00 per A4 page
    • Photocopying costs N10.00 per A4 page : N20.00 per A3 page
    • Payments for printouts/photocopies are to be done electronically by switching your identity cards on provided POS or with vouchers obtained from the front desk officers for visitors.
    • Copyright laws apply for photocopying library materials: whole books/documents/journals might not be copied
    • Personal documents exceeding five pages should be printed or photocopied in the document room.
    • No library material should be taken out of the library for copying without the due authorization of library personnel.
  • What are the online databases available in the library?

    The following online databases are available for your use in the library:

    • EBSCO Host
    • NET LIBRARY (E/Audio-books)
    • JSTOR

    These are accessible at one point via: Staff Referrer Url:

  • For help please contact

    For help please contact: