Learning Experience

Lagos Business School has a variety of academic, executive and short-focused programmes that will
enable professionals become experts in their preferred fields of endeavor. These professional
programmes have been ranked among the best in Africa, and are sought after by local and
international participants.

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Active Learning

One crucial ingredient in a good student-learning mix is the ability to apply classroom knowledge to business problems. As part of your curriculum requirement, you will be expected to experience first-hand and be exposed to business management practice through experiential project-based schemes. You are expected to use business management theories in providing solutions to burning issues which may arise.

These project-based programmes, embarked upon with guidance from faculty, are focused on developing social impact and sustainability outcomes, expanding their professional networks and building leadership management skills.

& Mentoring

Building a successful career or business may prove dicey without some level of guidance to keep from making easily avoidable errors in judgment. Our programmes provide support through mentoring opportunities intended to provide practical guidance in making business and career decisions that are useful for personal and professional development.

Beyond teaching, LBS professors and faculty go the extra mile to provide guidance and ensure that newly gained ideas and skills are honed to perfection for optimum outcomes.

Team Collaboration

Our approach to learning is focused on team-based collaboration in which mini-group sessions are organised to balance theoretical learning with a practical approach. Cross-functional learning teams of 5 to 7 students are strategically aligned to work together to read and prepare for each module ahead of the class. Individual and collective scores contribute towards each participant’s final grade at the end of the course.

There is, however, room to appeal grades and this process helps students review their performance and understanding of the course as well as defend their choices. This way, team-based collaboration builds confidence and helps to reconcile conflicting viewpoints towards making objective decisions.

LBS provides a supportive environment that shapes a broad spectrum of outstanding
professionals and business leaders with various specialisations through collaboration
and teamwork.

Excellent Culture for Effective Learning

The LBS environment communicates the culture of learning and teaching as a symbiotic process. We believe that the quality of the learning process impacts on the outcomes for effective teaching and that the experience participants as well as faculty bring, contribute to the overall quality teaching and learning process.

Our faculty accomplishes instructional value through the following means:

  • Engagement

    Establish an environment for exchange of ideas and perspectives to effectively engage students actively in their learning process.

  • Leading

    Our expectations are very high for each student and the learning curriculum reflects this. However, our focus is primarily to effectively lead participants through the maze of alternatives and guide them toward the best conclusions.

  • Learning

    Demonstrate perceptible evidence of improvement in business acumen for each student/participant by effectively monitoring student’s individual and collective learning progress using established tools and processes.

  • Innovation

    A picture is worth a thousand words however, story-telling can paint a picture in the student’s consciousness. Our teaching strategy allows for the use of cognitive support by employing audio-visual elements and technological equipment to transmit meaning as well as story-telling cues to illustrate examples for clarity of understanding.

    Effective teachers strive to motivate and engage all their students in learning and our robust pedagogical approach helps participants meet those expectations.

Library Services

Our Library services go beyond lending books. You can gain access to our repository of materials (electronic and print). Participants, staff and faculty are welcome to use our library facilities during their time in the school.

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Case Study Approach

The use of case studies, as a teaching method, offers the chance to apply theoretical concepts to real life issues for the purpose of enhancing the learning and assimilation process. This method is a useful teaching tool for demonstrating deductive and contextual alternatives to business solutions. At LBS, we understand the value of presenting participants with the challenges faced by business executives in real international organisations and providing platforms for discourse to proffer relevant solutions to those challenges.

Ideas are exchanged and discussed among faculty, learning teams and course mates so all perspectives are duly considered and analysed critically.

Approach to case study learning

The LBS case study based approach is fluid through four major phases that allows for the
comprehensive integration and application of assimilation process. This four-step process