Faculty and Research

Discover current ideas that will help you succeed in your organisation and lead in your industry

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Faculty and Research

Our faculty is made up of highly qualified academics and professionals in industry working either full-time or part-time, dedicated to contributing to and shaping the practice of management, and they bring to the classroom knowledge and practical guidance acquired through a unique combination of research, professional experience and consulting work done in Nigeria as well as global companies.

Together, they ensure high levels of effectiveness for all our participants and clients. Discover from them current ideas that will help you succeed in your organisation and lead in your industry.

Our research community at Lagos Business School (LBS) incorporates academics, students, alumni, corporate and government partners, as well as other universities and research institutions in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

Many of our faculty members hold impressive academic credentials and strong industry background, including advisors to government, regulators, and business. They are editors of influential journals, visiting professors in leading business schools, members and fellows of professional bodies and well-recognised authors. Their research enjoys peer recognition, is published in top academic journals, fosters corporate and community engagement and supports teaching and public discourse.

We have an extensive network with leading global universities, public agencies, governments and businesses – across Nigeria, Africa and internationally.

Our faculty and research centres generate collaborative research across disciplines, industries and specialist areas of national and international importance and relevance.

We invite you to browse through the research and faculty portals and contact us with a view to accessing research outputs, collaborating with us, funding our research or working with us in other mutually beneficial ways to develop your business or projects, management knowledge and practices that contribute to sustainable development, transform Africa and the emerging countries of the world.

Research Strategy

The strategy is to advance knowledge through theoretical and applied discipline-based research by facilitating a supportive environment and culture of collaboration and consistently raising the quality and relevance of research output.

Research Quality

Current research strategy emphasises use of research centers; incentives based support of individual faculty research, linking faculty to international publishing partnerships and research communities; complementing research output through contributions of PhD scholars, development of high-quality cases and technical notes and publication of research output across multiple channels.

Research Department

The Research Department is dedicated to facilitating LBS’ research mission by supporting faculty and students, creating high-quality materials, aggregating and supplying resources, fostering a research-enabling culture, cultivating relevant partnerships as well as disseminating knowledge to relevant stakeholders and audiences

The focus is on generating impactful research, supporting policy development and business practices and creating global leaders in research that is relevant to Africa and the emerging markets.

The Research Department facilitates research activities through:

  • Strategic collaboration and partnerships
  • Incentivising high research impact research
  • Facilitating data gathering
  • Mobilising funding for research fellowships and linkage opportunities
  • Updates in research methodologies and practice
  • Supporting ethical practice of research and management
  • Supporting activity and output of Research Centers, Departments and faculty