Global CEO Programme
A transformational journey
3 weeks over 5 months
Start Date
July 3, 2021

As an industry leader, you map out your company’s course, chart its strategy and foster a culture guided by clear objectives and a shared mission. Today’s global, interconnected world calls for executive leaders who are uniquely attuned to the economic currents and market shifts that could advance or undermine their firm’s long-term sustainability. The Global CEO – Africa Programme has been designed and developed to enhance your strategic vision and equip you with new tools to better navigate disruptive trends that could impact your business.

Programme Curriculum

Module I – Understanding the Global, East and Southern Africa Perspectives
(Strathmore University Business School – Kenya: July 3 – 9, 2021)

  • Leadership – Role of CEO in Africa and effective leadership strategies.
  • Concepts of global and African economies.
  • Understanding the East and Southern Africa business context.
  • Crafting and shaping your organisation’s international strategy.
  • Creating value through expansion – East and Southern Africa.

Module II – Understanding the West Africa perspective & Building your Expansion Strategy
(Lagos Business School – Nigeria: Oct 30 – Nov 6, 2021)

  • Understanding business context in West, North, and Central Africa
  • Emerging markets dynamics
  • Governance and leadership
  • People management in the 21st century
  • Strategy implementation and execution
  • Creating value through expansion – West, North, and Central Africa

Module III –  Global Positioning, Strategy Formulation and African Leadership Solutions
(Yale School of Management – USA: September 12 – 16, 2022)

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership in adversarial times
  • Understanding and leading culture
  • Growth and expansion into emerging markets
  • Global and emerging markets economic outlook
  • Creating value through global expansion – emerging markets

Intra Modular Activities

  • Executive challenge

Target Audience

  • Designed for top-tier business leaders including board members, C-suite executives, presidents, and chief decision-makers of companies with interest or a presence in Africa
Why Global CEO - Africa Programme
Expand your Global Vision & Reach 

This programme includes three residential modules in Nigeria, Kenya, and the USA

  • Co-creating the African Leadership Solution 

The African continent is recognised as having immense potential, but the realisation of this potential requires collaborative leadership. Through the programme, we emphasize the roles, skills, and competencies required for effective leadership for African organisations.

  • Exclusively Designed for Executive Leaders   

Expand your network and learn from top-level peers in an invigorating multicultural forum.

  • Practical, Current and Relevant Knowledge   

The case method, interactive lectures, workshops, group discussions, study groups, and CEO panels will all stimulate actionable insights that you can immediately apply at work.

  • Addresses Real Business Challenges 

Analyse a business challenge specific to your organisation and gain invaluable feedback and support from expert and peers.



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