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Kemi ​Ogunyemi
Director CRLE
Ogechi Obiorah​​
Research Manager ​​
Zainab Dere
Research Assistant

Steering Committee​


Eugene Ohu
Kemi ​Ogunyemi
Director CRLE

Affiliated Faculty

Eugene Ohu
Frank Ojadi
Franklin Ngwu
Henrietta ​Onwuegbuzie
Director, Business Innovation Accelerator
Yetunde ​Anibaba
Juan Elegido
Former Vice-Chancellor, Pan-Atlantic University
Rose ​Ogbechie
Private: Uchora Udoji

Our Research

Our research interests relating to leadership and ethics span across various fields. Our repository here contains relevant documentation, downloads and other useful documents from external sources.

Work With Us


We are supported by a great team of volunteers. Our volunteers are individuals who perform services for the Centre, in furtherance of the vision and mission of the School and to gain professional experience through their service to the Centre. Volunteers are uncompensated and provide services without expectation of pay.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please find our contact information here



We collaborate with like-minded entities on our research and other activities. Collaborators can provide access to data, whether archival or primary (surveys, interviews and so on.)

If you want to collaborate with us on our projects? please find our contact details here



Our sponsors are corporate bodies and individuals who fund specific programmes of the Centre. Interested in sponsoring any of our activities? please find our contact details here



If you want to donate towards any of our projects? please find our contact details here

For enquiries, kindly contact:

Ogechi Obiorah
Research Manager
Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics (CRLE)
Lagos Business School,
Km 22, Lekki-Epe Expressway,​ Ajah Campus,
Lagos, Nigeria​

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