Operations Management
Driving Competitive Advantage with Operations Management
Dr Marvel Ogah
The management of the upstream and downstream flow of operations can be leveraged as a competitive advantage in a developing economy like Nigeria…

Driving Quality Output and Cost Reduction in Business Organisations
Dr Marvel Ogah
A significant attribute of an organisation inheres in its capability to transform scarce inputs into valuable outputs. The transformational capability of any business organisation depends on its employees, processes, environmental constraints, and leadership architecture.

The Lean Enterprise: A business tool for Waste Elimination
Dr Marvel Ogah
A business culture that is hinged on a continuous improvement paradigm will be more responsive in delivering value to its customers either in the form of a service, product or a hybrid of both.

Navigating complexities in logistics and supply chain management in the African market
Dr Obinna Muogboh and Dr Frank Ojadi
The peculiarity of the African market coupled with its fluid nature makes it imperative to understand the trend, issues, and challenges of logistics and supply chain management.



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