Dimensions of Brand Responses to COVID-19: Lessons from Top Twenty Global Brands
Kehinde Ekuruorhore and Dr Ogechi Adeola

Sales Management: Who is in the Driver’s Seat?
Dr Ogechi Adeola

Twenty-Four Attributes of Outstanding Salespeople (Part 1)
Dr Ogechi Adeola
Mediocre salespeople are on the defensive. They are cutting prices, engaging in giveaways, focusing on short term gains, and losing the trust of customers through unethical sales pitches and poor service.

Strategically Succeeding through Luck in Buying and Selling
Dr Uchenna Uzo
An essential and yet understudied reality is that the quest for luck is driving success among buyers and sellers in some industries in Nigeria. One good example is the Nigerian sports betting industry.

Does Organisational Creativity Always Drive Market Performance?
Dr Ogechi Adeola
Local consumers are very unique: they are very price sensitive yet extremely averse to products that are perceived to be ‘cheap.’