"Over 92% of our MBA graduates get jobs within one year after graduation with top companies."
- MBA Survey 2015
18 Months
Start Date
September 2018
Apply till
December 8, 2018
Our Revamped MBA

The Lagos Business School MBA programme has been restructured in line with global best practice whilst still maintaining a strong emphasis on professionalism and high ethical standards.

As a community of people committed to creating and transmitting management and business knowledge based on a Christian conception of the human person and of economic activity relevant to Nigeria and Africa at large, We strive to be a world-class business school which will have a significant impact on the practice of management.

LBS seeks to:

  • Provide high potential professionals with a general management education which stresses professional ethics and service to the community through the practice of management
  • Have a positive impact on the professional and ethical standards of business management in Nigeria
  • Make intellectual contributions which: (a) support the practice of management; (b) contribute to the advancement of the management disciplines; and (c) create high quality teaching materials

In order to meet the growing demand for competent and quality graduates globally, this new MBA has incorporated the following changes:

  • Three years minimum work experience will now be mandatory for new intakes starting from September 2015
  • The programme length has been reduced from 21 months to 18 months. To successfully complete the MBA programme, 15 months of in-class study and at least 72 credit hours of coursework is required. There will be three semesters in all; two semesters in the first academic year, one semester in the final year. The last semester is an elective semester and students can choose to participate in a student exchange program with our partner schools abroad or offer electives locally.
  • An Action Learning project must be completed by participants. Groups of students will be required to review the operations of a selected small and medium enterprise (SME) and help design what will take the firm to the next level.
  • The new MBA will focus on some salient skills including critical thinking, leadership, and innovation. These skills will be taught in several leadership seminars during the first and second semester of the first year.
  • New elective courses have been introduced and can be taken with our partner schools worldwide during exchange programmes. They include: Managing Business Risk in Africa, Entrepreneurial Finance and Agric-business Management

At Lagos Business School, we use the case-study method to facilitate learning. Each course uses on average 20 cases.

Learning Objectives
  • Knowledge of the Main Business Disciplines

    Graduates should have a well-rounded knowledge of the main business disciplines, embodying an understanding of their theoretical foundations, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to actual problems.

  • Problem Solving Capabilities

    Graduates should be able to demonstrate problem solving capacity through lateral, critical, innovative and creative connections among diverse fields of study in analyzing problems. They should also have developed the capacity to perceive many relevant features in business problems and situations, overcoming purely functional points of view.

  • Analytical Competence

    Graduates should have developed the capacity to apply relevant tools of economic, financial and quantitative analysis.

  • Global Perspective

    Graduates should have a global perspective, based on an understanding of both the domestic and global environments of the organization and an acquaintance with current Nigerian and global best practices.

  • Ethical Standards

    Graduates should have internalized high standards of professional ethics. They should see the management profession as an opportunity of service to society and to the other members of the organisations in which they work.

Structure &
Year 1
Brush up Sep 03, 2018 – Sep 22, 2018
1st Semester Sep 25, 2018 – Feb 23, 2019
2nd Semester Mar 25, 2019 – Feb 23, 2019

Year 2
1st Semester Sep 25, 2018 – Feb 23, 2019
2nd Semester Mar 25, 2019 – Feb 23, 2019
  • Brush Up

    You will start the MBA programme with a preparatory module that provides a foundation for the MBA courses. This module includes sessions in Accounting, Business English, Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis and more.

  • Year 1

    Complete all courses included in the curriculum of the first

  • Internship

    This is an integral part of the Programme. You will submit a report to your supervisors at the end of the project. The internship program provides exposure to the intricacies of the business world where you are expected to explore business environments and apply principles and concepts acquired during the first year of the program.

  • Year 2

    You can choose from a number of electives which could be taken at the school or in one of the exchange programmes of the school’s strategic partners.

Detailed Programme Structure
  • complete an online application here

  • All supporting documents should be attached before submission.

  • You will be contacted for an interview as part of the application process

  • All applications undergo a thorough screening process prior to confirmation of admission.

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