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Young Business Leaders of Nigeria Visit LBS


Young Business Leaders of Nigeria Visit LBS

As Lagos business School (LBS) is recognised as a world class institution that creates and transmits quality management and business knowledge, young budding entrepreneurs from the Young Business Leaders of Nigeria (YBLN) programme paid a visit to LBS today, to receive valuable first-hand information and experience that will enable them take their various businesses to the next level.

The participants were given a guided tour around the school’s facilities, upon their arrival. The visit proceeded to a session in entrepreneurship titled: Impact-driven Entrepreneurship, which was delivered by LBS Entrepreneurship Faculty, Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie.   Dr Onwuegbuzie gave the participants insightful advice on how to make the most of the current economic crisis in Nigeria “Nigeria is in the prime period for entrepreneurs, the current economic crisis presents opportunities for local entrepreneurs who are willing to work well” she said.

The participants in attendance were impressed with the knowledge they had gleaned from the visit and had wonderful things to say.

Ogugua Onyinyechi was extremely impressed and stated that the programme has enabled her gain a better understanding of  business marketing structures “I have learnt how to market my product, and segment my market, I have also learnt that innovation is extremely important for business to grow and thrive” she said.

Mohammed Suleiman was also very pleased with the knowledge he received “It was extremely insightful, it taught me so many things such as packaging being key, it also allowed me see the need to conduct a thorough analysis of different markets before entering” he said.

This visit was part of the 6-week experiential programme focused on developing the skills of young entrepreneurs to observe first-hand some of the principles they have learnt in the classroom.​​

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