School Reopening

While you were away, we took steps to make LBS safe for staff, participants and visitors.

As we gradually reopen our campus, we must adhere to safety guidelines as recommended by the government for the prevention of COVID-19 in workplaces.


School Reopening

We have taken active measures and have made vital changes to our facility to ensure that everyone who comes in feels safe and is safe.

  • We have installed infrared thermometers at the entrance gate to detect high temperature without human contact. We have also placed a flexi-glass barrier at the reception to minimize contact between front-desk staff and visitors.
  • Our security team will ensure physical distancing at the entrance and exit points with the use of aids such as floor markings, ribbons or physical barriers. This is besides signages that are placed at various parts of the campus to remind employees and visitors of safety measures.
  • The number of persons allowed to be in an office, classroom, syndicate room, and cafeteria shall be guided by the 2 meters (6 feet apart) distance as indicated on the floor and wall markings.
  • All our MBA and Executive Education programmes that have been successfully migrated online will continue to hold in that format. Only programmes deliberately designed for face-to-face interactions will run as such.
  • A percentage of our team will continue to work remotely. Only employees whose roles are essential in support of online programmes may return to work in the first phase of our reopening.
  • All our employees will delay and avoid non-essential trips to other countries. Employees who visit both affected and non-affected areas are mandated to undergo self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days, or in line with the current advisory guidelines by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC.)
  • Our Sickbay is equipped with personal protective equipment.
  • We have created an isolation room for suspected cases, and these will be handed over to the appropriate authorities.
  • We encourage only essential physical visits to our campus as third-party access remains limited. Meetings with internal or external parties should be conducted via emails, telephone, Zoom or other audio/video conferencing platforms.
  • We have created an online portal for visitors to register their details and receive approvals before accessing the campus.

Visitor’s Portal –  This portal is used for those who want to visit the school.

Safety Precautions

As you collaborate with us to keep our campus safe, here are some safety precautions that you must comply with:

  • You are required to wear a face mask before gaining entry into the campus
  • You must undergo a temperature check at the entrance gate. If your body temperature is higher than 37.3oC, you will be denied entry and advised to see a doctor
  • You are required to maintain 2-metre physical distance by obeying the safety floor signs provided 
  • The main entrance doors will remain open to prevent hand contact with the door handles
  • You are required to sanitise the soles of your shoes using the sanitising floor mats provided at the main entrance
  • Please sanitise your hands using the wall-mounted hand sanitiser at the main entrance
  • Please adhere to the arrangement of 2-metre physical distancing while in class, at the cafeteria and gazebo. Seating and queueing arrangements should also be complied with
  • To avoid physical contacts, you are required to use the entrance door for entrance only and exit door for exit only 
  • Reduce face-to-face meetings and office drop-ins. Use other means of communication, including desk phones and emails.
  • Only 50% capacity of staff are allowed in all spaces. Where there are more than two people in a classroom, syndicate room or cafeteria, you are required to wear a face mask
  • You must wear your face mask while commuting around the building at any time
  • Only two people are allowed in the visiting room. In the event where there are more than two visitors, they will be relocated to the foyer visitors’ seat by the stairway.
  • Buffet services are no longer available in the cafeteria. Meals will now be served in disposable plates to be picked up in a tray. 
  • Classes will be allotted meal times to be communicated by programme managers. Meals would be available to pre-order on the designated portal every day. All you will be required to do at the cafeteria is pick-up your meal and consume in the spaces provided.

For specific information, please contact:


Kingsley Nweke 


Executive Education

Vivian Akere


Benjamin Eliezer


Christiana Anukam




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