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SBS Dean Scores LBS High on Academics, Others


SBS Dean Scores LBS High on Academics, Others

Lagos Business School has yet again been ranked high for the quality of its academic programmes, learning infrastructure and teaching environment.

Dr George N. Njenga, Dean of Strathmore Business School, Kenya, said LBS’ commendable rating in the academic community was proof that Africa could be developed by Africans.

“You’re among the top business schools in the world, recognised within and outside of Nigeria,” he said.  “I’m extremely impressed by the work you have done.”

The SBS Dean, who was in LBS recently for the CEP 23 and SBS AMP (Advanced Management Programme) joint module, said the programme had been yielding positive results in developing East and West African business relationships.

“There’s renewed interest to create markets between East and West. President Goodluck Jonathan was in Kenya about two months ago to evaluate our business opportunities, and the Kenyan president did the same during the Africa Union meeting. He pledged, for instance, that there was the possibility to bring the Kenyan milk technology Nigeria so that Nigerians won’t always take powdered milk but fresh milk,” Njeri disclosed.

According to him, Africa has gone beyond a mere dumping ground for natural resources to evolve innovations in manufacturing, construction, energy and more.

“We’re building our consultancy services, have significantly expanded our manufacturing sector and ability to construct roads, hotels, oil pipelines and boost tourism,” he said.

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