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Ovadje’s Leadership Insights Make IESE, World Financial Review


Ovadje’s Leadership Insights Make IESE, World Financial Review

 The depth of LBS faculty Dr Franca Ovadje’s insights on human resource management has earned her articles a slot in two reputable international publications.

The IESE Insight Review and World Financial Review recently published her articles on leadership and change management, both of which highlight the qualities and competencies that leaders need to succeed in Africa.

In her article for the IESE Insight Review tagged ‘What Kind of Leader will Thrive in Africa,’ Ovadje explores the context-specific factors that leaders must consider if they intend managing people and doing business in Africa, especially Nigeria. In easy-to-understand language, she backgrounds the general socio-cultural context of sub-Saharan Africa, and highlights the appropriate qualities and values they would need to succeed on the continent. Expectedly, she draws on several studies she carried out as Director of Lagos Business School’s Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics (renamed the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics) and proffers time-tested solutions that will help them achieve their management goals.

In the World Financial Review where Ovadje’s contribution is tagged ‘Developing Change Competence for the African Environment’, she highlights Africa’s economic prospects with GDP growth standing at 5 percent in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) from 2010 to 2014. On that basis, she hypes the potential of the continent for prospective businesspeople, but adds that “two things are indispensable for successful change in Africa: a change plan and great attention to people….To lead change successfully, managers need a comprehensive and integrated model to guide them through change; a model that highlights the important strategic design and implementation choice opportunities they have to make.”

Dr. Ovadje has a doctorate in Business Administration from IESE Business School, Spain. She leads sessions in Human Resource Management, Leadership & Organisational Change in both local and international programmes, and is an active consultant to industry.

Read the articles here:

WorldFinancial Review: http://goo.gl/rMcU6p

IESE Insight Review: http://goo.gl/6MFn57

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