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OMP 20, SMP 57 Kick Off


OMP 20, SMP 57 Kick Off

A fresh set of high-profile business owners and managers are in Lagos Business School for the Owner Manager Programme (OMP 20) and Senior Management Programme (SMP 57) which commenced with introductory classes and a welcome cocktail recently.

Twenty-one participants drawn from financial services, logistics, real estate, media and publishing kicked off this session of the OMP, designed for owners of small and medium-scale organisations. The programme aims to provide them the opportunity to share experiences with their counterparts, giving their businesses a competitive edge among many.

“It’s a very vibrant class, most of whom joined the programme through referrals,” said Sunkanmi Adenuga, Programme Manager. “They are looking forward to the rest of the programme and will not be disappointed.”

According to Adenuga, several of the participants are highly experienced entrepreneurs from states beyond Lagos such as Delta, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Abuja where they will put their knowledge to use after the programme.

This crop of business people were closely followed by 34 manufacturers, educators, entertainers, technologists and more who commenced SMP 57. In the course of the 4-month programme, their personal skills will be honed to enable them achieve an immediate and measurable improvement in their contributions to their organisations.

“From the outset, I can see the class is a very vibrant one with mature participants,” said Henry Etok, Programme Manager. “We’ll make their stay with LBS a rewarding one.” ​

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