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Okonedo Foresees Opportunities for Management Educators in Africa


Okonedo Foresees Opportunities for Management Educators in Africa

Prof Enase Okonedo, Dean, Lagos Business School, has identified opportunities for management educators across key sectors in the African economy.

Okonedo, in a recent interview with the AACSB President and CEO Tom Robinson in the United States, projected a likely surge in the number of youths who would need management education in the next 10 to 20 years and the immense opportunities that the development would offer management education providers.

“There are tremendous opportunities for us to develop this young crop of managers as well. However, the critical challenge is finding qualified faculty to deliver on this objective. Moreover,…much of Africa is still at the developing stage which means there are infrastructural, institutional, funding and healthcare challenges,” she said.

Despite the setbacks, she emphasised there were opportunities open to business schools accredited by the relevant professional bodies if they could surmount the hurdles she highlighted, including technological accessibility.

“The AACSB presents standards expected to boost the quality of business education taught in business schools. The opportunities it presents to schools willing to be accredited includes more qualitative offerings across several areas,” she added.

Okonedo was in Florida, USA recently for the AACSB International Conference and Annual Meeting where she gave a talk on ‘Fostering Small Business – experiences from the UK and Nigeria’. The yearly event is the AACSB’s largest and most anticipated programme, bringing together thought leaders, researchers, business experts, and top educators from across the world, and showcasing global perspectives on the future of management education.

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