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New York Times Quotes LBS Faculty on Entrepreneurship


New York Times Quotes LBS Faculty on Entrepreneurship

 LBS faculty, Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, was recently quoted by the New York Times in an article which explores the burgeoning online retail business in Lagos.

In the article tagged ‘Bringing African Shoppers to the Global Mall’, Onwuegbuzie observed that technology entrepreneurship is witnessing unprecedented growth, adding that with the emergence of several strong online retail outfits in recent times, the Nigerian e-Commerce industry shows much potential as a force to be reckoned with.

“Techentrepreneurship in Lagos is emerging and blowing up rapidly,” said Onwuegbuzie, who was quoted as Academic Director for the Owner-Manager Programme at Lagos Business School. “E-commerce is “one of the most promising sectors,” in the Nigerian economy.

Using two of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce players Jumia and Konga as a reference point, the article explores online retail from the consumer perspective. It specifically focuses on Mall for Africa, a retail store set up by Nigerian entrepreneurs Chris and Tope Afolayan.

The virtual outfit, which is currently attracting foreign investors, is involved in the procurement and sale of American and British products not readily accessible in the mainstream Nigerian market, which it makes available to interested Nigerian consumers.

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