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Music, Fond Memories Mark Dr Kolade’s Retirement


Music, Fond Memories Mark Dr Kolade’s Retirement


A mix of melodious music and fond memories marked the retirement of legendary diplomat and scholar, Dr Christopher Kolade, from Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) yesterday.

The don, who until his retirement was Pro-Chancellor of PAU, received glowing citations from colleagues and mentees at the LBS venue of the event, who made out time from their busy schedules to bid him a well-deserved farewell following many years of meritorious service to the institution.

PAU Vice Chancellor, Professor Juan Elegido, highlighted Dr Kolade’s self-sacrificing efforts, building PAU to assume its current stature and the professionalism he helped instill through his exemplary lifestyle. “His influence on the university has been very positive and professional. For faculty and staff who will turn out to be pro-chancellors in this university or others, I would very much urge them to make as much impact as Dr Kolade has done. He is leaving a huge legacy that we all must collectively uphold to take the School to greater heights,” said Elegido.

Dean of LBS, Dr Enase Okonedo, who started her career in the School working with Dr Kolade as a research assistant, recalled the lessons in professionalism she gleaned from the experience. “Dr Kolade commanded our respect with what he did rather than the things he said. Fatherly, gentlemanly, approachable and ready to listen are the qualities that best define Dr Kolade, who is indeed representative of our LBS culture,” she explained.

On hand to add spice to the occasion were the Perfect Fourth String Quartet and several other performers, who with their harmonious renditions gave Dr Kolade their best wishes as he commences his retirement from PAU.

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