MBA 18 students resume with high expectations


MBA 18 students resume with high expectations

On Monday, September 2, 2019, Lagos Business School (LBS) welcomed nearly 40 young, enthusiastic men and women into its Full-Time MBA 18. 

With an average class age of 29, the MBA 18 comprises professionals from retail, oil and gas, hospitality, finance, and consulting industries who are keen on propelling their career and coursing uncharted territory considering the rigorous nature of the programme.

LBS offers the leading MBA programme in Africa and its recent Tier One ranking by CEO Magazine, the second in a row is a testament to the quality of the programme. 

In this interview, four of the class members disclose why they chose to join the LBS community:

Stanley Boampong, Business Strategy Officer, Dangote Oil Refining Company

I chose Lagos Business School because of the detailed curriculum and the case study approach employed as its primary MBA pedagogy, I am of the belief that I would be better equipped with real-life business scenarios as well as a solid theoretical knowledge of business principles that would better equip me in my chosen profession as a business strategist. This is because of the wealth of experience that would be garnered through the practical studying of several real business cases over the course of the programme that would serve as a resource bedrock from which to draw limitless knowledge. Another reason I chose Lagos Business school is because of the values the school extols and the emphasis it places on ethics, not just in business interactions but in our everyday lives. I believe that my time at LBS would shape me into a well-rounded business professional, help me improve greatly in my social interactions and mould me into a better human being. Finally, I enrolled in the programme to benefit from its fluid exchange programmes with partner schools and its strong association with multinationals and big players in the business sector. This for me is quite important as I want to experience the culture of doing business in different climates where I would further hone the skills acquired during and after the programme.

Dolapo Amusan, Head IT and HR, Luxoria Rings

I worked in a financial institution where the Chief Operating Officer is an LBS alumna. She mentored me during the time I worked there and had a deep influence on me as regards governance and decision-making.  I attribute the wonderful working relationship I had with her with the values of LBS. When I wanted to do an MBA, I researched and discovered that LBS is the foremost institution in Nigeria and can deliver on the education, skills and networking opportunities I wanted.  With the LBS MBA, I expect a dramatic expansion of my network. I look forward to meeting current and future movers and shakers in the economy of Lagos, Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The collaboration opportunities are limitless and I cannot wait to get started with it.

Taiwo Ajayi, HR Advisory Consultant, Doheney Services

After five years in Consulting, I decided that taking an MBA will be critical for my career advancement. I wanted a programme that will build an all-round leader with strong business acumen, improved relationship building capabilities and advanced business networking skills. LBS was the easy choice considering its curriculum offers local relevance to its international standards and this uniquely stands it out when compared to other business schools in the region.

Richard Arowolo, Associate, Perchstone and Graeys

I chose LBS because, in addition to its global standards, it is particular about the application of management principles to the Nigerian market. I have my first Law degree from the University of Texas but I plan to transition from the legal world to corporate management and in the long run, set up my own corporate consultancy firm. Since I want to deal with Nigerian clients and practice here, I chose the LBS MBA over a foreign degree. 



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