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LBS Welcomes Visiting Faculty from Strathmore Business School


LBS Welcomes Visiting Faculty from Strathmore Business School

Lagos Business School is pleased to host Stephen Gugu, a professor at Strathmore Business (SBS), who will be teaching courses in Financial Modelling and Financial Strategy of the Firm on our MBA programme during his stay. His one-week visit to the School ends today, February 26, 2016.

Stephen works as an adjunct faculty member in Entrepreneurial Finance at Strathmore Business School. He has been teaching finance and entrepreneurship related courses for the past 9 years. In this capacity, Stephen acts module leader for the private equity and venture capital programme in SBS.

Stephen has considerable experience both as a consultant and in employment. As a consultant he runs InVhestia a financial advisory business company that builds financial models for companies ranging from valuation, operations, negotiations and project financing models. Stephen has consulted widely for early stage innovative businesses training over 400 entrepreneurs, carried out valuations and assisted them in fundraising and deal structuring. He sits on the advisory board of several start-ups and of Demo Africa, Africa’s premier Startup launch competition. Stephen is also a co-founder at ViKtoria Ventures a sector agnostic angel network out of Kenya focused on commercially viable early stage investments which are post traction.

His education background consists of an MBA from Vlerick Business School in Belgium (Under the Kofi Annan Fellow Scholarship) (2011) an undergraduate degree in Law and several professional courses in Finance and Accounting. In 2013, he attended two training modules at IESE Business School in Spain on Entrepreneurial Finance and in the Faculty Development Programme.

During his spare time, he enjoys travelling and interacting with different world cultures. He maintains that to travel is not only to discover but most importantly to learn!

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