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LBS Welcomes Japanese Exchange Student, Yuichi Nakamura


LBS Welcomes Japanese Exchange Student, Yuichi Nakamura

LBS welcomes Japanese exchange student Yuichi Nakamura, ​an MBA student at the University of Capetown, South Africa.

He says “I chose LBS because of my interest in carrying out social businesses within African countries for the future, thus my decision to study my MBA in South Africa. I wanted to see Nigeria because it is the most outstanding country, economically, in Africa.

This is my first time in the country, the people are friendly, and I like the food and energy. So far the experience in LBS has been enjoyable; I am taking the Negotiation and Agribusiness classes, which I enjoy, particularly the latter because it is necessary for understanding the African economy. By the end of my stay here, I expect to make relationships with Nigerians – particularly those in the business sphere.”

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