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LBS, Terragon Sign MoU to Boost Quality of Offerings


LBS, Terragon Sign MoU to Boost Quality of Offerings

Lagos Business School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with digital media company, Terragon Group, which will enrich the quality of the School’s open enrolment and executive programmes and also Terragon’s commercial offerings.

Under the terms of the two-year agreement, LBS will work with Terragon to host biannual breakfast meetings for marketing executives where trends in the Nigerian/African digital market place will be showcased.  Besides offering Terragon the opportunity to hire its MBA students and graduates as interns or full-time staff, LBS will also work with Terragon to continually update the content and relevance of the Digital Communication research courses taught in the School.

On its part, Terragon shall present digital trends in marketing communications during the proposed biannual breakfast meetings for marketing executives. Both parties shall collaborate on designing such presentations, and qualified staff of Terragon shall be allowed to facilitate Digital Marketing sessions in their areas of expertise to boost their relevance in the industry.

Both parties will prepare joint reports based on the result of research work, which will be formatted differently in content and form from academic journal and conference writings.

In the course of the contract, which is renewable with the mutual agreement of both parties, Terragon will project its brand at LBS and partner with the School to co-host forums and conferences where joint research findings and publications will be presented.

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