LBS SMP 65 Alumni impact rural community through electrification project


LBS SMP 65 Alumni impact rural community through electrification project

The Senior Management Programme (SMP 65) class of Lagos Business School is currently supplying electricity to Rugan Bayero community in Kunawi, Mararaba, Nasarawa state as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities carried out by alumni members of the School.

Launched in March 2018, a mini-powerhouse was constructed to serve over 250 residents of the Kunawi community which was hitherto unconnected to the national power grid.

Speaking on the project, SMP 65 class president, Michael Umana, “the electrification project was inspired by a collective desire by class members to locate and assuage poverty level, enhance health, wellbeing as well as enterprise of natives in a rural community.”

Umana said class members and coordinators had paid a visit to a rural community in Abuja where electricity was powered by bio-gas, and this convinced them that their project was achievable if they found a community willing to collaborate. 

According to him, “Kunawi community invited our class team for dialogue when they learnt of our aspiration. Living in darkness with associated negative security, health, psychological and economic consequences had been a major headache to natives and residents for over three decades of the community’s existence.”

Since its launch, the SMP 65 renewable electricity supply project has had a tremendous impact on the residents of Kanuwi, especially in the areas of education, the security of lives and property and an improvement in economic activities. It aligns with two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2020, affordable and clean energy, and good health and wellbeing.

This project is one of the many ways LBS impacts communities through tangible and measured contributions to government and societies. The School is an oasis of sanity that imparts values and knowledge in students who in turn impact their immediate society and humanity by being solution providers. These projects are facilitated by members of the LBS Alumni Association (LBSAA).


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