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LBS Partners NESG, IWFI on Research Development


LBS Partners NESG, IWFI on Research Development

Lagos Business School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) and the Institute of Work and Family Integration (IWFI), in keeping with its reputation as a hub of sound knowledge and a solid network.

LBS will collaborate with NESG as research partner to support the Group’s policy and advocacy efforts. The School will also offer NESG the opportunity to engage its MBA students on a three-month paid internship, and work with NESG to develop and deliver courses covering national economic development, sustainability, ethics and corporate governance, among other areas of mutual interest.

As a renewal of its partnership with IWFI in 2009, LBS shall likewise provide the Institute technical support and knowledge enrichment in the area of Family Responsible Management practices. It will coordinate and assist in the development of IWFI programmes to be run at LBS, while exploring modalities for introducing IWFI courses on work and family integration into its seminars, executive education programmes and MBA programmes. LBS may also accept to take IWFI candidates as research assistants for specified periods at a time.

Recently, LBS also signed an MoU with digital media company, Terragon Group, to enrich the quality of its open enrolment and executive programmes and boost the Group’s commercial offerings.

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