LBS MSA alumnus hired by leading technology firm in Britain


LBS MSA alumnus hired by leading technology firm in Britain

An alumnus of the Lagos Business School Management Scholar Academy (MSA), David Ehira has landed an impressive role as a Software Developer at a global technology firm, Arm Technology.


Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Arm Technology is the world’s leading technology provider of silicon IP and custom SoCs at the heart of billions of devices with a portfolio of products that enable partners to get-to-market faster.


Ehira joined the LBS Management Scholar Academy in 2017 and worked as a Research Assistant with Sales and Marketing faculty, Dr Ogechi Adeola until 2018. In September of the same year, he secured a full scholarship to study for a Masters in Interactive Media Practice at the University of Westminster. While on the programme, Ehira creatively put ideas into motion through the design and evaluation of emerging technologies, towards promoting user-centred experiences. He also learnt to use software development models like Agile, SCRUM frameworks, UCD, LEAN and the Double Diamond. 


Commenting on the achievement and how the MSA prepared him for it, Ehira said, “My time as a research assistant at Lagos Business School was instrumental in preparing and providing me with the required mentorship which fostered my resolve to pursue my Masters programme at the University of Westminster with a full postgraduate scholarship. The culture and pursuit for excellence are critical factors which today has translated into a ripple effect on securing a dream job with one of Britain’s leading technology companies.”


Ehira also thanked MSA Director, Dr Tayo Otubanjo and his former supervisor, Dr Ogechi Adeola, for “providing him with moral support and mentorship” to pursue his dreams.

Before joining the MSA, Ehira attended the University of Ilorin where he graduated with a First Class in Information and Communication Science. 


The MSA is a two-year structured research mentoring internship and paid employment programme designed to engage young, talented and academically focused individuals as research assistants under the tutelage of designated faculty members who in return train, mentor and support the admission of research assistants into fully-funded PhD programmes abroad.



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