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LBS Hosts Strategy Seminar for Senior Executives and C-Level Managers


LBS Hosts Strategy Seminar for Senior Executives and C-Level Managers

The 3-day strategy seminar titled “Turning Strategy into Action” hosted by Lagos Business School for Senior Executives’ and C-level Managers from different sectors of the Nigerian economy came to an end on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

Academic Director of the Programme; Faculty Strategy, Professor Chris Ogbechie noted that the seminar was conducted to provide insight and tools to bridge the difficult gap between the rational development of strategy and real-life execution. Ogbechie also stated that this years’ edition of the turning strategy into action seminar is especially unique because it has been hosted for over a decade and in its 11th year the seminar has not lost its relevance and importance.

Participants in attendance were extremely pleased with the knowledge gleaned from the seminar. They acknowledged that it has exposed them to numerous ways to effectively execute strategy in their various organisations.

“The programme has exposed me to a lot of strategies and ways to execute these strategies using the right tools to make sure I do not derail from my set goals. I currently have a challenge in bringing to market a particular product, which I was meant to launch about 2-3 months ago. With the knowledge I have gained from this seminar I am very sure I will hit the market very soon. My end users will start making use of it and my market share will grow which will enable me to make more profit for my organisation” Laurel Onumonu, Head, Emerging and Cloud Business, Cyberspace Limited.

“The programme has been very fundamental, very direct and very key. This course has brought everything back into one box, before attending the seminar I had a bit of knowledge of various segments such as strategy, human resources, project management and now I am able to link them together. This has been a challenge and has always been the missing link for a lot of us. We all know these things independently but the execution has been a challenge for everybody” Tella Fatai, Group Head, Enterprise Quality Assurance, Sterling Bank.

“It has been an interesting programme. I have gotten a lot of insight in terms of the implementation of strategies for my company. It has also given me clarity on a few things that I was not sure about” Emmanuel Omuojine, Head, Strategy and Business Development, Rainoil Limited.

The seminar came to a close with a cocktail networking session.

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