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LBS Hosts Experiential Information Sessions for MBA prospects


LBS Hosts Experiential Information Sessions for MBA prospects

Lagos Business School (LBS) recently organised an experiential information session for both part-time and full-time MBA prospects.

Prospects who attended the session came from various industries, including but not limited to Consulting, Banking & Finance, FMCG, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, etc.

During the session, prospects got a chance to be a part of LBS for a day. They got to ask questions about the MBA programme, toured the campus and participated in actual class sessions.

Obie Ibeji from Oriental Energy Resource Ltd, an Oil Expedition and Production Company said, “LBS offers academic programmes that have been ranked among the best in Africa, with a wide range of alumni that are doing well in their different areas of business. I would like to be part of that group.

Looking at the quality of experts LBS has, one would notice the diversity in teaching as they not only focus on the academic areas of teaching but are also involved in the business aspect of it. I think I am more advantaged taking courses with them, and I hope I get admitted.”

James Awosheba from Vasari Construction Company, Logistics Unit, said, “Learning from the best business school in Africa would help me understand the business world in Africa; and the LBS environment has all it takes to impact that teaching which one seeks to grow and become successful in business”.

Other session days are scheduled as follows: March 23, May 18, and September 22.

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