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LBS Faculty Produces Business Ethics Guide


LBS Faculty Produces Business Ethics Guide

 Business ethics will be taught by more informed scholars locally and abroad with Dr Kemi Ogunyemi’s new publication entitled Teaching Ethics across the Management Curriculum: A Handbook for International Faculty.

The handbook, edited by Oliver Laasch as part of The Principles of Responsible Management Education Collection, explores the ongoing debate whether ethics should be taught as a standalone course or embedded into management disciplines.

Since the majority opinion is that both approaches are relevant and should be jointly adopted by faculty for more effectiveness, Dr Ogunyemi goes the extra mile to present insights from seasoned academics with firsthand experience embedding ethics into their management curriculum.

In the handbook, contributing scholars are featured from other business disciplines, including decision-making, entrepreneurship, finance, management information systems, negotiation, accounting and organisational behavior to give readers a more robust knowledge of the subject.

The author, who currently teaches business ethics, anthropology and sustainability management at Lagos Business School, holds a degree in Law from the University of Ibadan and an MBA from LBS. Her research and consulting interests include personal ethos, work-life ethic, social responsibility, sustainability and governance.

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