LBS Faculty, Ijeoma Nwagwu appointed to BudgIT Advisory Board


LBS Faculty, Ijeoma Nwagwu appointed to BudgIT Advisory Board

Lagos Business School (LBS) faculty, Dr Ijeoma Nwagwu has joined the Advisory Board of BudgIT,
a civil organisation that uses technology to simplify the budget and matters of public spending for

Dr Nwagwu, who teaches Strategy and Sustainability at LBS, joins six other professionals who will
be providing strategic advice to BudgIT on how to deepen impact and ensure sustainability in the
civic technology space where it plays.

Speaking on the appointment, Dr Nwagwu said, “I am quite excited about this role because BudgIT
is one of the leading social enterprises in Nigeria, combining a laudable social mission of promoting
transparency, citizen engagement in governance with value-driven business acumen.”

As the Academic Director of the Ford Foundation-supported Non-profit Organisations Leadership
and Management Programme (NPLM) at LBS, Dr Nwagwu adds that being part of the governance
architecture of BudgIT presents a unique opportunity to integrate the world of social action with
learning in the business school classroom. She said, “It empowers me to throw fresh light from this
‘live case’ in classroom sessions on leadership, social innovation and business fundamentals in the
social sector.”

The appointment exemplifies the power of multisectoral collaboration because BudgIT achieves its
mission of facilitating transparency in governance by working creatively with business, government
and global civil society organisations. This is in line with the approach taken by the LBS
Sustainability Centre where Dr Nwagwu functions as Centre Manager.

Through its Sustainability Centre, LBS combines theory and practice on sustainability, build
leadership skills and support constructive dialogue and collaboration between business, government,
civil society and academics to find solutions to critical sustainability challenges.

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