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LBS Contributes to Routledge Reference Resource


LBS Contributes to Routledge Reference Resource

 Lagos Business School is extending its business education beyond national boundaries, as four of its faculty members have made insightful and thought-provoking contributions to the Routledge Companion to Business in Africa.

The compendium – edited by Professors Sonny Nwankwo and Kenneth Ibeh – is a comprehensive reference resource that showcases Africa from a business perspective. Its objectives include shedding light on the constraints to business activities and fostering a better understanding of contemporary business practice on the continent through the application of relevant theories and models.

Drs Chris Ogbechie, Ifedapo Adeleye, Yetunde Anibaba and Kenneth Amaeshi (visiting faculty) – experts in strategy, management and business respectively – made insightful contributions to the compendium.

Intra-African Regional Expansion: Rhetoric, Reality and Risks (Franklin Ngwu, Adeleye and Ogbechie) contributes to the emerging literature on the internationalisation of African firms. It focuses on the intra-regional expansion strategies and patterns of companies referred to as Africa-to-Africa (A2A) internationalisation.

Strategic Human Resources Management, Labour Market Efficiency and Competitiveness in Africa: Contemporary Issues and Prospects for the Future (Adeleye and Anibaba) explores the institutional context of work and employment with a special focus on Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Relations in Africa: Evidence from the Nigerian Banking Sector (Amaeshi, Adeleye and Olufemi Amao) highlights the weakness of relying on managerial private morality to foster employees’ right to freedom of association in weak institutional contexts. It concludes that strong legal institutions and enabling socio-political environments are necessary for the proper functioning of Corporate Social Responsibility as a form of private morality.

LBS faculty members routinely share their rich management and business insights in writing. Earlier this year, Ogbechie explored the relationship between board characteristics and board effectiveness in his book titled “Key Determinant of Effective Boards – Evidence from Nigeria”; while the Pro-Chancellor, Dr Christopher Kolade,  launched a compilation of his speeches and lectures delivered over the years in 2013.


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