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LBS Announces Two Additions to Faculty


LBS Announces Two Additions to Faculty

  • LBS Announces Two Additions to Faculty Lagos Business School (LBS) is delighted to announce the addition of two new faculty members to its faculty base: Dr Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien and Dr Francis Okoye.
  • Dr Francis Okoye joins the Accounting, Economics and Finance department as a Financial Accounting specialist and holds a Bsc in Accounting and another in Economics and Statistics. Okoye also holds an Msc and a PhD in Accounting.  He previously taught Financial Accounting and Statistics at the University of Benin for 4 years.
  • Dr Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien joins the School’s Strategy, Entrepreneurship and SPEB (Socio-political Environment of Business) department. She is a Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) expert and a Bottom-of-the-Pyramid empowerment advocate.  She holds a BSc in Economics, an MSc in Catholic Theology and a PhD in in the area of Ownership and Management Structures with a global focus on the global applicability of African Models of Corporate Governance and Sustainability. Nnoli-Edozien is also the Founder and President of the Growing Businesses Foundation, Nigeria’s largest Bottom-of-the-Pyramid platform which has been managing CSR Projects for multinational corporations.
  • Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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