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LBS and Terragon Group host Breakfast Forum


LBS and Terragon Group host Breakfast Forum

 Lagos Business School in collaboration with Terragon Group hosted the first LBS-Terragon Breakfast Forum today.

Dr Eugene Ohu, LBS Faculty, welcomed participants and gave a background the focus of the forum in his opening address.

The first session titled: ‘Unlocking the Digital Potential: A case for the Millennials’ was delivered by Elo Umeh, CEO, Terragon Group. He emphasised the need for organisations to understand the youth consumer segment in order to target them appropriately. He also highlighted the economic value of the segment, stating that they constitute 60% of the Nigerian population, and advised participants to pay more attention to them. “In formulating your products or services, always take into consideration not just your consumer needs but also their context….understanding millennials is the first step; to get millennials to trust you, you need to deliver trust” he said.

Vincent Onyemah, Marketing Professor, Babson College, delivered the second session on ‘Crafting a Selling Strategy for High Sales Growth’. He engaged participants with insightful ways to ensure sustained revenue growth.

The forum came to an end with a networking cocktail session.

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