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LBS Alumnus Joins Winners in YouWiN! Competition


LBS Alumnus Joins Winners in YouWiN! Competition

LBS alumnus Uka Osaigbovo (MBA 10) has emerged one of the winners in the quarterly YouWiN! Business Plan Competition.

Uka runs Domestico, an e-commerce furniture retail company that provides affordable goods targeted at middle income-earners, giving small-scale carpenters and furniture makers an opportunity to sell their wares. The company is currently in partnership with such furniture manufacturers as Alibert, Vava and Nobel Carpets, among others.

“There’s a lot of two-way communication involved in our business as well as good customer service. Right now, we have over 200 products on our website,” says Uka, who adds that due to his entrepreneurial mindset he has never been a fan of paper-pushing.

Giving credit to the LBS MBA programme for sharpening his managerial skills and boosting his understanding of financials, he adds that the foundation of Domestico was laid during a business plan he drew for his Entrepreneurship class on the programme.

“Before coming on the MBA, I had a business that was growing without any sense of direction. But the programme taught me to always start with a business plan and learn how to manage financials,” he discloses.

YouWiN!, which stands for Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria, is an innovative business plan competition aimed at job creation by encouraging and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youths in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas.

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