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LBS Alumni Association EXCO Give Back, Empower 46 Lagos State Judges


LBS Alumni Association EXCO Give Back, Empower 46 Lagos State Judges

The Executive Committee of the Lagos Business School’s alumni body, Lagos Business School Alumni Association (LBSAA), recently collaborated with the School and the Lagos State Judiciary to deliver a tailored programme aimed at empowering 46 Lagos State judges.

The just-concluded 2-day intensive programme titled: ‘Digital Economy and Legal Regulation’ was borne out of the need to upgrade the business knowledge of our judiciary given the new wave of business innovations that have been spurred by the digital economy.

Commenting on the rationale for embarking on the initiative, the outgoing LBSAA President, Wole Oshin, said, ”As part of its CSR, the LBSAA EXCO decided to intervene  in areas that impact society such as education, governance and the judiciary. We considered that a robust and well informed judiary will ultimately benefit society at large but more importantly the business community.

”For this reason, we chose to partner with the Lagos State Judiciary in two ways. Firstly, we believe there is a need to call the attention of the judiciary, and regulators, to the new digital/shared economy and how it works, so that there will evolve a more appropriate legal and regulatory environment. Secondly, we will be making available to them, our pool of experts to help in situations where expert knowledge is needed to help make informed judgments in relevant cases”, he added.

Speaking on the relevance of the programme which aligns with the mission of the School, Dr Enase Okonedo, Dean of Lagos Business School said, “We are delighted that members of our alumni are advocates of the core principles we promote at the School, one of which is serving the community, and are even more excited about the choice of intervention. Given the critical role judges have to play in today’s digital economy, it has become imperative for them to have a good understanding of the nature of the new digital economy and the key business-legal implications.  We believe that this programme has equipped our judiciary with the relevant skills needed to drive the new frontiers of social change and policy imperatives” she said.

LBS Faculty, Professor Olawale Ajai, anchored the programme alongside industry experts such as: Austin Okere, Chairman, Computer Warehouse Group; Adetoun Adebiyi, Deputy-Director General and the Head of Lagos campus of the Nigerian Law School; Olumide Obayemi, Tax Consultant/Attorney, Ajumogobia & Okeke amongst others.

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