Lagos Business School welcomes its first Modular MBA class


Lagos Business School welcomes its first Modular MBA class

In April 2019, Lagos Business School announced the launch of the Modular MBA (known as Professional MBA at the time), a blended business management programme with online and classroom content which features separate elective tracks for entrepreneurship, technology, or general management.

The Modular MBA, which is the fourth addition to the School’s range of MBA programmes, attracted hundreds of applications from professionals across the country. On Monday, January 10, the School welcomed 39 students who had successfully passed through the competitive admission process.

Although the programme will be delivered mostly online, there are occasional classroom and activity-based learning sessions that will help the students to bond. In the first of such physical sessions, we spoke to some of the students on why they chose Lagos Business School and their intentions for the programme.

Paschal Odinde, Materials and Corrosion Engineer, Shell Petroleum Development Company

Why LBS:

‘’When you combine a culture of discipline with an ethic of entrepreneurship, you get the magical alchemy of great performance.” This quote from 10 Must Reads on Leadership is the reality of several LBS Alumni that I have had the opportunity to meet with prior my choosing the school. It captures the strategy that enables LBS build a crop of great performers in the business world and beyond.

 Also, I discovered that LBS is the first business school in West, East and Central Africa regions to be accredited by The Association of MBAs (AMBA). This puts LBS amongst the exclusive group of only 2% of business schools in 70 countries to have achieved this feat. Lastly, learning at LBS is based on a Christian conception of the dignity of man, of society and economic activity; this concept resonates with my orientation.

On what he intends to achieve after the MMBA:

Three things come to mind when I think of my projected achievement, all centred on the word, “BUILD.” At the end of the programme, I expect to build strong business management capabilities and skills. I also hope to build a social enterprise that is committed to addressing a fair share of key issues surrounding SDG 9 (Infrastructure, Innovation and Industrialization); this will be achieved through strategic partnership with like-minded individuals and corporations. Finally, I want to build, explore, maximise and connect to the massive network platform LBS offers while adding value to the larger community.


Uchenna Onyenakasa, Specialist, Financial Crime Investigation, Standard Chartered Bank

Why LBS:

I didn’t just want a certificate, I wanted impactful knowledge. I want to improve myself to a sophisticated level of human, business, leadership and managerial development/skills. I didn’t want a theoretical or ‘book’ knowledge, I wanted something real, experiential and practicable. I did not want the knowledge that will work only in the Americas, Europe and, some Asian countries, but a knowledge that will also work in Nigeria and Africa with our peculiarities and challenges. I also wanted an environment and culture conducive enough for learning and complete human development. After careful research and visits to schools that lay claim to such education, LBS is the only place that offers these and more, hence my choice of it.

On what she intends to achieve after the MMBA:

By the end of this programme, I would have gotten better human formation, improved my communication skills (especially business communication), become a strategic thinker, a leader with business skills. I also hope to become a better manager of my time, work, finance, and develop a network of credible, knowledgeable and confident colleagues with whom we can change our communities for better.


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