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Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre hosts quarterly Breakfast Meeting


Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre hosts quarterly Breakfast Meeting

Lagos Business School’s Sustainability Centre hosted the first of its quarterly programme, Sustainability Breakfast Meeting on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Themed ‘Sustainability Outlook: 2018 and beyond’, the meeting brought together small and large businesses, leaders in NGOs and civil societies and individuals who shared knowledge on sustainability, especially as it concerns Africa.

The LBS Sustainability Centre commits to empowering individuals and businesses with the skills to provide solutions to critical sustainability challenges through research, sustainability courses and business action platforms.

On why the breakfast meeting is crucial to the sustainability conversation, Dr Ijeoma Nwagwu who manages LBS’ Sustainability Centre said, “It is basically community building and knowledge sharing, because if you want to drive any change, it has to be one that is based on knowledge… our interest is to share knowledge so that we can build the evidence base we need to realise the sustainable development goals…”

Nwagwu added that LBS Sustainability Centre engages the private sector through seminars and feeds the knowledge gleaned from those seminars into sustainable development efforts and larger conferences, one of which is the annual International Sustainability Conference.

The meeting also provided insight on the trends that could influence the sustainability agenda in 2018, some of which were highlighted as political uncertainty – nationally and globally, taxation and the forthcoming 2019 elections among others.

It was concluded that companies and their competitors need to partner to advance whole-scale change and contribute to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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