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Lagos Business School partners Chief Babatunde Anjous Foundation to host Youth Entrepreneurship Day


Lagos Business School partners Chief Babatunde Anjous Foundation to host Youth Entrepreneurship Day

The 2018 edition of the annual Babatunde-Anjous Entrepreneurship Day hosted by Lagos Business School (LBS) in collaboration with Sir (Chief) Babatunde Anjous Foundation held on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

Held in memory of Sir Babatunde Anjous, the one-day seminar was aimed at creating an avenue to educate young business owners and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit while also providing opportunities and solutions to challenges they may face.

Themed ‘Youth Entrepreneurship: Getting it right’, participants were exposed to a 4-module teaching that touched on topics ranging from The Entrepreneurial Process to an Introduction to Finance which were all facilitated by the Head, Entrepreneurship Unit at LBS, Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie.

Speaking on the purpose of the event, Mr Deji Tunde-Anjous, son of the late Sir Anjous, said, “We recognise that entrepreneurship is so important to the development of our economy and our people so we have chosen to partner with LBS being the leading institution of higher education in Nigeria and I dare say, Africa”. He added, “this is our own little contribution towards the transformation of our economy”.

LBS MBA alumnus and founder of online furniture store, Domestico.com.ng, Uka Osaigbovo who was the guest speaker at the seminar admonished participants to start small but think big. Using his online store as case study, Osaigbovo noted that he started with a meagre amount of money and zero knowledge of carpentry but was able to grow the business by the urgent need to create solutions.

One of the participants, Unanka Emmanuella, who sells beancakes on a small scale using social media, said she approached the seminar with the mindset of learning to make more money. Unanka expressed, “I have learned that giving value and making impact is more important than making money. As I go to business, I will be mending relationships with clients I had earlier offended over money issues. This one-day seminar has exposed me to the quality of knowledge my five years in university could not offer.”

The seminar wrapped up with participants reflecting on the lessons they had taken after which they were presented with certificates of attendance.

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