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Lagos Business School Dean’s Cup 2018 kicks off with victory for MBA 15 and 16


Lagos Business School Dean’s Cup 2018 kicks off with victory for MBA 15 and 16

The 2018 season of the Lagos Business School Dean’s Cup Football Competition held on Saturday, 10 March with an opening game between the full-time MBA 15 & 16 and Executive MBA 22 classes. The Dean’s Cup is one of the ways the LBS core value of community is internalised.

The competition kicked off with an energetic start as members of the MBA 15 & 16 tackled the EMBA 22 class in a match that ended in a 1-0 win in favour of the MBA team. The goal was secured in the first half of the game by a member of the MBA 15 class, Basumoh Akpan.

Contested between the full time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA) and Modular Executive MBA (MEMBA) classes, EMBA 22 emerged champions of the competition in 2017. Tournament Director, Dr Henry Onukwuba stated, “the Dean’s Cup is aimed at enhancing the campus experience of the students, affording them opportunities to network in a relaxed mode”.

The EMBA 23 class will be playing the Modular EMBA class 5 in the second game of the tournament this Saturday, 17 March. The finals will hold on 26 May where the overall winning team will be presented a trophy by the LBS Dean, Dr Enase Okonedo.

Lagos Business School Dean’s Cup 2018 is sponsored by Coronation Trustees, Emro Ambulance, Microvis Microfinance Bank, Fewchore Finance Company, Culture Communications and the EMBA 23 and MEMBA 6 classes.

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