Introducing the 2020 Lagos Business School Nonprofit Management Senior Fellows 


Introducing the 2020 Lagos Business School Nonprofit Management Senior Fellows 

We are delighted to welcome our 2020 Senior Fellows on the  Lagos Business School Nonprofit Leadership and Management Programmes designed to develop a pipeline of young, ethical and competent leaders for the nonprofit sector. Our nonprofit programmes are certificate courses delivered by LBS faculty in collaboration with nonprofit sector practitioners. The programmes are supported by a grant from  Ford Foundation West Africa.

On the nonprofit programmes, participants gain a deeper understanding of 21st Century nonprofit leadership drawing on feminist leadership perspectives and strategies. They explore the fundamentals of social innovation and business; including how to define strong mission statements, manage operational and financial controls, as well as strengthen fundraising and revenue generation efforts.  Through these programmes, they learn to advance powerful innovative ideas into high-impact realities, and effectively apply management skills to nonprofit sector work.

Our 2020 Senior Fellows, Misan Rewane and Osayi Alile would strengthen the connection between theory and practice, offering participants insights into the nature of nonprofit management problems and proffering practical solutions.

As Senior Fellows, they would serve as resource persons and thought leaders, forging new partnerships between the academic, business and nonprofit sectors. This allows for the articulation and dissemination of knowledge and insights gained from their experience leading change through nonprofits.

Misan Rewane
West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE) Academy
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Osayi Alile
Chief Executive Officer
Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation
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