Instructional Design and Technology
Our Values

We are here to serve and support our faculty and learners, and each other to achieve excellence.


We aim to build strong relationships and connections for building successful and long-lasting partnerships with our faculty, and learners.


We dedicate our individual and collective skills, talents, and experience to doing excellent work and living up to the high standards of our faculty and learners.


We provide platforms, infrastructure, policies, and oversight to support the vision of Lagos Business School to engage all learners.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the teaching and learning process through the professional development of its faculty and staff and the pedagogical training in the use of instructional technology in teaching, learning and research. IDT is responsible for providing the LBS community with multimedia resources, course development and redesign consultation, maintaining the institutional online learning platforms, and training faculty on the new methods of implementing technology in the classroom.

Meet our Team

The Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) unit of Lagos Business School was created in September 2015 to address technology application in instruction for faculty and students. As the school moved towards digital learning, it became expedient to create a unit that will create policies and well as implement programs for instructional effectiveness and the use of technology for delivering our programs.

Team Members