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Epie co-authors Chapter on Work-Family Interface


Epie co-authors Chapter on Work-Family Interface

 Chantal Epie, Professor of Human Resources Management at Lagos Business School, has co-authored a chapter of a book titled “Working Hours and Work-Family Conflict in the Institutional Context of Nigeria.” The chapter, which was co- written by Dr Afam Ituma of Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Abakaliki, engages readers in a wider discourse of a Nigerian perspective, about the book’s general theme on work-family interface.
Professor Epie, who is also a director of the Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI), a non-profit initiative to promote work-family balance in Nigeria, currently focuses her research in the areas of work-family integration and the organisational benefits of work-life balance.
In the chapter, issues that affect the average family living in Lagos are explored and analysed; time spent working and commuting, work-family work-life conflict, impact of excessively long work hours on employees’ stress and turnover intentions in organisations and many more. This chapter is not only an interesting read, it also provides valuable empirical data that could help decision making on public policy and would be useful to those with practical responsibility for the management of people in organisations in Nigeria.
To access the book use the information below or follow the link provided:
Epie, C. and Ituma, A. (2014). “Working Hours and Work-Family Conflict in the Institutional Context of Nigeria, in A. Mokomane’s (Ed.) Work-Family Interface in Sub-Saharan Africa. International Perspectives on Social Policy, Administration, and Practice, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-01237-7_4, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 57-74.

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