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Dr Enase Okonedo of LBS joins other Deans to proffer solution to Economic Nationalism


Dr Enase Okonedo of LBS joins other Deans to proffer solution to Economic Nationalism

28 Deans and Directors declare that “Global Business Education is the Best Antidote to Economic Nationalism” and make a committment to promote of global business education.

In response to the increase in global businesses and technology across markets and societies, the Dean of Lagos Business School, Prof Enase Okonedo in partnership with 27 other deans and directors of business schools from around the world have committed to a joint learning experience that will span different cultures and countries. This was announced in a press release issued on February, 7, 2017 on the platform of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM).

An ever increasing penchant for populism, economic nationalism, anti-globalization rhetoric, among others makes global exchange and engagement more important today. To this end, the member business schools of the Global Network for Advance Management (GNAM) are committing themselves to understand the prominent challenges market economies go through in the face of political sentiment, deliver on responsibilities which help in the development of principled leaders who produce value and access to opportunities and to support the rights of faculty, students, alumni and knowledge partners to participate freely in programmes and advocating for the benefits of global exchange on education and businesses.

Lagos Business School is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM). GNAM is a network consisting of 29 top international business schools worldwide. The network is dedicated to driving innovation in management education through cross cultural exchange and engagement.

To read the official press release from GNAM please follow this link:- http://advancedmanagement.net/news/2017/02/deans-and-directors-global-business-education-best-antidote-economic-nationalism

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