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Dangote Hosts LBS at Dangote Lekki Refinery


Dangote Hosts LBS at Dangote Lekki Refinery

​Alhaji Aliko Dangote, President/Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Group, hosted staff, participants and some members of alumni of Lagos Business School (LBS) during their visit to the Dangote refinery in Lekki Free Trade Zone yesterday, Monday, October 17, 2016.

Dangote delivered a lecture titled: “The Role of Business in Driving Sustainable Development in Africa-The Story of Dangote Group”. Using Dangote group as a case study, the lecture focused on the vital role businesses can play in the acceleration of the Nigerian and African economy. “I personally believe we will be out of recession at about the first quarter of next year, Nigeria has what it takes, and the private sector is huge in Nigeria. The government should not focus on any business what the government should focus on, is tax collection” he said.

He also stressed on the dire need to focus on agriculture in order to reduce importation. “Today in Nigeria we have 60% more arable land than in China, yet most of what we consume we are importing, we must drastically change and diversify the economy if not we will be in trouble. We are the only African country that is not self-sufficient, we need to focus and move into agriculture” he said.

Participants were also given a guided tour of the ongoing construction of the $12 billion Dangote refinery grounds which includes a petrochemical project, gas pipeline project and a fertilizer project.

Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, LBS Entrepreneurship Faculty, who facilitated the visit to the refinery, said the purpose of the visit was to inspire participants and allow them see how they can also contribute to the growth of Nigeria.  “I believe the visit has a powerful effect in terms of inspiring the participants, for me it is important we develop impact driven executives, entrepreneurs and business owners; this is one way of getting them really inspired by seeing how they can contribute to accelerating the development of Nigeria” she said.

Participants in attendance were extremely grateful for the opportunity and very pleased with the knowledge they received. Ify Ukachukwu, Executive Director, Rexons Industries Limited (OMP 22) said “the visit was very gratifying, I am happy I got the opportunity to learn about the importance of the manufacturing industry from Dangote, especially with the current economic situation of Nigeria.”

For Jeffery Olaleye, CEO, Frame Engineering (EMBA 18) the visit allowed him realise that there are various business opportunities which entrepreneurs can tap into. “It is a bundle of knowledge and investment, this visit  enabled me to understand the importance of diversification, it has also opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities which I will like to tap into” he said.

​The visit came to a close with a question and answer session with Alhaji Aliko Dangote.​

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