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CWG and GE share success stories at LBS Alumni Session


CWG and GE share success stories at LBS Alumni Session

 The first alumni session, of the LBS Alumni Association, in 2014 hosted Austin Okere, Chief Executive Officer, Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) and Susan Peters, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, GE.

Austin Okere shared insights on CWG’s journey from cradle to listing. He highlighted success stories, near misses as well as challenges experienced in CWG’s path to success.

Okere further stressed the need to support MSMEs as he shared his plan to empower 17 million Nigerians in order to uplift the country and continent. “It is better to have a thousand millionaires than ten billionaires. It is better still to have a million people with access to a hundred thousand dollars, if they can be taught how to nurture and grow it through entrepreneurial endeavor” he said.

Susan Peters emphasised the importance of leadership in the context of GE. She shared GE’s leadership philosophy and pointed out GE’s attitude to innovation despite its age and size. “We have survived over 130 years because we have continued to innovate. Wherever we are today is never good enough, we never stop evolving” she said.

The GE Employee Value Proposition was launched by Tamla Oates-Forney, Senior HR Leader, GE Africa.  She enlightened the audience on why GE should be their employer of choice as she sold the Destination Africa project on how GE is providing opportunities to thousands of people to conquer Africa’s greatest challenges.

After a brief question and answer session, the Dean of LBS, Dr Enase Okonedo, thanked the guest speakers for sharing their experiences and thanked everyone for attending the event. She buttressed the objectives of the LBS alumni sessions in keeping alive the desire for life-long learning. She closed by expressing her pleasure in the noteworthy similarities CWG and GE share with LBS in embracing the concept of shared value; practicing business management with the intent to create and capture value.

This event was sponsored by GE.

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