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CNBC Africa Founder Tasks MBAs on Integrity


CNBC Africa Founder Tasks MBAs on Integrity

Dr Rakesh Wahi, Chairman, CNBC Africa, attributed his success story to a culture of integrity during an interactive session with MBA students of Lagos Business School (MBA 13) recently.

A business mogul whose enterprise (CMA Investment Holdings) has presence in over 22 countries across the globe, Dr Wahi regaled the students with his journey to success and the challenges he encountered making a 360-degree turn from a career as a soldier to entrepreneurship. He however insisted that through it all, his credibility did not only earn him referrals but also helped him identify like-minded individuals whose acumen he tapped on to emerge a reputable entrepreneur himself.

“Every human being lives once and you’ve got to make it worth your while. Therefore, you need to start… working hard to make something of out of your life that people can remember you by. It’s all about building your credibility because money is, after all, just a by-product of success. True success is measured by how you impact people around you,” he told the students.

​Fielding questions from the students ranging from how start-ups can source capital to the modalities for identifying latent opportunities, Dr Wahi also commended the quality of not just the staff but also the facilities of LBS. “LBS is one of the best institutions that Africa has created. It’s a campus with high-quality infrastructure and passionate people. Indeed, the quality and openness of LBS staff speaks to the culture that has been created here. This is good to see,” he said.

Dr Wahi is the Founder of the ABN Group which includes CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, ABN Productions, ABN Training Institute, ABN Pictures, ABN Digital and ABN Education Trust. He is also the co-Founder of Trans National Education, Lancaster University Ghana, Murdoch University Dubai and Tech One Global.

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