Tunde Leye


Tunde Leye

The case teaching method is different from what I am used to but once I got familiar with it, I began to wonder why universities do not adopt the method for undergraduate teaching. The Analysis of Business Problems case was particularly very valuable in helping me ease into the method.

I enjoyed the broad range of cases and how they introduced me to such an expansive knowledge base and background details on many of the issues I read about in the news. Also, I was fascinated by the insights my colleagues brought to the case discussions from their unique perspectives and experiences. It was invaluable.
Learning with cases has inspired me to document. Many Nigerian businesses do not document and/or share their journeys and its underlying challenges with the public, compared to their foreign counterparts who have given us so many classic cases to discuss and learn from. I hope more Nigerian companies will become more open in this regard and I will definitely ensure my business pioneers this.

My favourite case is that of Peter Pam from the Human Resource Management course. The case was in three parts and I particularly enjoyed it because of how familiar it was – I have seen many Peter Pams in the course of my career so it was quite exciting to discuss.

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