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Awosika Lauds LBS for Sound Knowledge


Awosika Lauds LBS for Sound Knowledge

Lagos Business School is best placed to equip the next generation of Nigeria’s business leaders with the sound knowledge to succeed, First Bank of Nigeria Chairperson, Ibukun Awosika, has said.

Awosika, an alumna of LBS, joined the School’s Chief Executive Programme in 2000 when her start-up was on a growth trajectory and needed an extra dose of business education to move a step higher.

“LBS is definitely the most obvious place structured to support the next generation of Nigerian business leaders with local and international knowledge,” she observed. “What participants receive (from the School) is not only international principles and case studies, but also the application of those principles in the local context.”

The FBN boss, who counts Standard Chartered Bank’s Bola Adesola and Custodian & Allied Group’s Wole Oshin as her peers in LBS, disclosed that the professional and entrepreneurial success they have all achieved speaks volumes about the quality of management education they received from the School.

She said: “Ours is a very dynamic world where what you knew yesterday is probably not sufficient two years down the line. For that reason, I’ve always been a firm believer in sound knowledge. My class comprised people whose businesses were promising, and I’m sure the training we got from LBS helped us a lot.”

Following the conclusion of her LBS programme, Awosika proceeded to IESE Business School for a global executive MBA. “It was LBS that introduced me to IESE because of the relationship they share,” she disclosed. Today, she sits on the International Advisory Board of IESE Business School, a feat she is quick to attribute to the power of knowledge.

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