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We have three pillars of engagement, namely Intra-class, Inter-class and with LBS. We encourage each class to deepen the bonds of friendship that were developed during their time at LBS after they leave. Classes are encouraged to meet regularly both formally and informally. By participating in the programmes put up by the Alumni relations department, you get the opportunity to meet with and engage with the bigger alumni body.

Program of activities for the current year
Giving Back to LBS
Your Time

You can volunteer to sit on a panel, interview prospective MBAs, mentor students, serve on a programme committee, anchor an event as well as attending the various events organised by the association.

Your Talent

You can be a Guest Speaker at any of our programmes or during any of our classes; both Executive and Academic, write an article for our bi-annual Footprints magazine and many more.

Your Tribe

You can utilise your network and relationships with other professionals to help other members of the alumni body get a job opening or a business opportunity and refer colleagues to our executive and academic programmes.

Your Treasure

You can also give to LBS and the LBSAA by providing financial support to our various programmes and initiatives, the Endowment Fund, building projects, making donations to the school library or even by sponsoring an MBA student. If you would like to make a donation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Giving Back to the Society

A major part of the ethos of LBS is social impact. We encourage classes to touch the lives of the less privileged in the society through various CSR projects. This could be Infrastructural, humanitarian, educational or environmental projects such as getting involved in government empowerment initiatives, making donations to schools, hospitals, orphanages and communities. Please do keep us informed of your CSR projects.

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LBSA has a membership of over 7,000 contactable MEMBERS and is one of the most influential among business schools in Africa… The Association comprises chief executives, owner managers, executive directors, senior and junior managers who have successfully completed one or more of the School’s executive programmes as well as our Masters in Business Administration programme. It also includes full-time faculty of the School.

You can choose to be a financial or non-financial MEMBER but we encourage MEMBERS to be financial MEMBERS of the association. There are general benefits for all MEMBERS but financial membership has additional benefits. Becoming a financial MEMBER requires the payment of membership dues which can be confirmed from the Alumni Relations department.
Upon payment of dues, kindly email Esther Ojo ( a copy of your passport picture.